Section 5 – Live Market Beef Show & Sale

Live Market Beef Show & Sale

Director: Samara Cull, 705-622-2579
Associate: Nancy Frey

1. Only market animals born, raised and fed in North Eastern Ontario (Tem. North through Cochrane North District) and North Western Quebec (Temiskaming) are eligible.

2. You must own and have possession of market animal by April 30, 2015.

3. The Fair Board reserves the right to nose print all market animals if deemed necessary.

4. The Director’s decision if FINAL in any discrepancy.

5. Market annual entry forms MUST be filled out and returned to the Fair Secretary, Janice Lancaster, at P.O. Box 1239 New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0 with an entry fee of $5.00 per market animal (to be shown) together with the Society membership fee of $5.00 by May 31, 2016. If your livestock entries are pre-registered and you are keeping your livestock in the barn overnight, each exhibitor is entitled to one (1) weekend pass to the Fair for one (1) animal and two (2) weekend passes for two (2) or more animals. Additional passes are available for helpers, workers, etc., at the rate of $15.00. Each vehicle requires a parking pass. It can be purchased at the rate of $20.00 per pass per vehicle. Parking Passes are non-refundable.

6. Entries are limited to a maximum of 3 per farm or breeding unit. Any combination of steers or heifers. Not 3 of the same sex. All animals, whether owned by one person or more than one person, which are maintained on one farm are considered to be the production of one farm.

7. Due to insurance requirements, both the owner of the animal(s) and his/her exhibitor must have a paid membership ($5.00) of the New Liskeard Agricultural Society.

8. Children who wish to show must be 12 years of age or older.

9. There will be absolutely no surgery done without approval from the Director.

10. Market animals must be dehorned, halter broken, clipped, and fitted to show standards. All entries are to be shown at halter in show ring.

11. Market animals must be barn fed and finished to meet the approval of a Culling Committee.

12. Market animals will be trucked as a group to the slaughterhouse of the Committee’s choice. Otherwise, trucking expenses will be the owner’s responsibility of the buyer.

13. Slaughtering, cutting and wrapping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.

14. Market animals will be weighed early Saturday morning prior to the Show. This weight will constitute as the selling price less 2%, if deemed necessary.

15. Market animals will be judged in the Beef Ring at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 17, 2016 of the Fair.

16. The top 15 placing market animals will be sold by auction at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Market animals will be sold in the order of their placing in Class #3 with the Grand Champion first. The Judge will determine the remainder of the sale order.

17. To defray expenses involved in promoting and advertising this Show and Sale, exhibitors will be assessed a 5% commission.

18. All animals must be on the grounds by 12:00 noon Friday of the Fair. If animals arrive late, they will be unloaded at the discretion of the Director. The Director will determine stall location.

19. All animals must have a proper halter and neck tie on at all times while on the Fair grounds until the animals is loaded on trailer to be trucked to abattoir.

20. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to clean their stall(s) or make arrangements to have stall(s) cleaned prior to leaving the Fair grounds.

21. All exhibitors are responsible to load their own animal(s) or make arrangements to have animals loaded on trailer to be trucked to abattoir.

22. An exhibitor acknowledges the Committee’s right to randomly test any market animal and that if any illegal drug residue(s) are found, before or after slaughter, the Committee will not make payment to the Exhibitor for the market animal(s), and may take action to bar the Exhibitor from competing at future shows at the New Liskeard Fall Fair.

23. Unethical fitting of market animals entered for competition is prohibited. Unethical fitting will be deemed to consist of any treatment or operation materially altering the structure or the natural conformation of any part of the market animal’s body such as the introduction of air, liquids, or other substances subcutaneous in any part of any act or operation to exaggerate the natural conformation of the market animal. Any market animal that, in the opinion of the Committee, has been unethically fitted shall forthwith be disqualified for exhibition and shall forfeit the right to be awarded any prize money and any entry fees that may have been paid to the Society on account of its entry shall be forfeited. The opinion of the Committee and any action that may be taken thereon may be reported to any association of which the exhibitor is known to be a member. Every exhibitor in consideration of his/her entry being accepted specifically undertakes that no market animal entered by him/her has been or will be before entering the judging ring, unethically fitted and he/she agrees to submit for inspection before the Committee any market animal entered by him/her, at any time required and he/she further agrees that the opinion of the Committee shall be final and conclusive and without recourse against the New Liskeard Agricultural Society or any officer thereof, or any person appointed by the Executive to act in the matter in respect to any action which may be taken under the Rules as set herewith and he/she, by entering the market animal for exhibition, hereby releases the New Liskeard Agricultural Society from all claims and demands whatsoever in connection with disqualification of any market animal under the provisions of this section.

24. The giving of an oral injected diuretic or a growth stimulant not approved in Canada for Market Livestock constitutes unethical fitting. NLAS reserves the right to collect urine or blood samples from any market animal for laboratory analysis. An exhibitor of a market animal having a quantity of diuretic or unapproved medication of any kind will forfeit all rights and privileges to exhibit at any future New Liskeard Fall Fair and forfeit any prize money earned by the present exhibition of the market animals(s) in question.

25. If, at slaughter, a carcass is condemned, the sale of the market animal is thereby null and void and the Exhibitor forfeits all rights to receipt of auction proceeds for said market animal and said Exhibitor will be responsible for the slaughter costs of the condemned carcass.

26. All animals shown at the New Liskeard Fall Fair must have liability insurance. A certificate of liability insurance must be provided with the registration form. Proof of insurance must be submitted with entry forms.

ENTRY FEE: $5.00 per animal in classes 1 & 2.
No charge for class 3.
1. Market Steer Class – open class. Sub-groups as needed.
2. Market Heifer Class – open class. Sub-groups as needed.
3. Grand Champion Market Beef Class – comprised of the 1st to 4th place animals in each class or sub-group.

Sub-Group Addition
If there were 13 or more entries in a single class (heifers or steers), the class would be divided into two sub-groups to compete. The sub-groups would be decided on Saturday morning after the weigh in. The class division would be based on weight. If there were an odd number of animals being divided into the sub-groups, then the extra animal would be placed in the lighter weight category.
Class #1 – Market Steer Class
17 Market Steers – divided into two sub-groups
– – – -8 steers in sub-group A (heavy steers)
– – – -9 steers in sub-group B 9 light Steers)
1st to 4th in sub-groups A & B moves on to Class #3.

NOTE: At the Director’s discretion, classes may be rearranged to accommodate the number of entries per class.

General Entry Form