Section 11 – Dog Show

Section 11 – Dog Show

Saturday, 10:30 AM  – North Side of Main Ring


Proudly sponsored by K9-5 Doggie Daycare

No entry fee. PRIZE MONEY: 1st: $5, 2nd: $3, 3rd: $2, 4th: ribbon

Director: Annie Roy
Phone: 705-628-5925

Rules and Regulations

1. Dogs must belong to the exhibitor or his/her parent/guardian/ or friend.
2. Dogs to be on leashes supplied by owner.
3. Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
4. Dogs should be well groomed, free of fleas andvaccinated.
5. No female dogs in season are permitted to compete.
6. Owners/Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up aftertheir dog.
7. Each child should remain with his/her dog during theentire show.
9. The Fair Board, Judges and Committee are not responsible for any losses or accidents that may occur during the show.
10. Any dog not under control at all times or is aggressive toward another dog or handler will be asked to leave the show area and will be disqualified from all sections of the dog show.
11. The judges’ decisions are final.
12. Please read “Notes to Exhibitors”.



1. Best Costume
2. Veteran of the Show
3. Best Trick
4. Best Matched Pair (Handler & Dog)
5. Best Rescue – tell the story in under one minute
6. Best Groomed
7. Most Obedient
8. Best Child Handler
9. Scruffiest-looking Dog
10. Dog that judges “want to take home”
11. Egg & Spoon Race