Admission & Attendance Draw

Attendees to the Fall Fair are entitled to one attendance draw ticket for each day’s paid entrance to the Fair.


Type of Pass Cost
Weekend Pass (gives you unlimited access to the fair) $20.00
Day Pass Adult $10.00
Student $7.00
Senior $7.00
Kids under 12 Free

Attendance Draw

Attendance Draw tickets should be filled in and dropped into the ticket drum for this draw. Each night of the fair at 9:00 PM, 10 names will be drawn and these people have 10 minutes to report to the office with ID. After 10 minutes if someone has not reported to the office, then more names are drawn until we have 10 people who have checked in at the office. This process is repeated for all 3 nights of the fair.

The Elimination Draw is conducted on Saturday night after the last 10 names have been selected. At 10:00 PM, all 30 names drawn during the Fair will be put into a small drum and an elimination draw will begin. The last name left in the drum will be the proud owner of the attendance prize.

Good Luck and enjoy your time at the Fair!

This year’s Attendance Draw Prize is a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze LS.